About Us

Fat Heads Rescue was formed in March of 2014.

Specifically, our goals are to:
-Spread a positive image of pit bull-type dogs. We focus on depicting pit bull-type dogs in home environments, where they live peacefully and safely with their pack of humans, both young and old.
-Support community spay and neuter efforts. All dogs in our care will be spayed/neutered before being adopted out. We will also provide support and assistance to dog owners in the community wishing to have their pet spayed/neutered and provide information about the importance and benefits of this.
-Provide community education regarding the need for pet population control, with a specific focus on pit bull-type dogs. We will “de-bunk” the myths about shelter animals and provide over population/euthanasia facts.
-Advocate for and facilitate the implementation a mandatory spay/neuter policy in the apartment/rental housing business. We will contact rental housing managers to discuss with them the pros of only allowing altered animals. We expect this plan will help alleviate breed discriminatory policies.
-Develop a shelter education program. This plan will help shelter employees/directors in performing behavior evaluations, developing a euthanasia protocol, proper dog handling skills, developing a volunteer program, etc. With our sheltering experience, we hope to give shelters a humane alternative to “no-kill” status.
-Advocate for the homing of adoptable pit bull-type dogs that are in the shelter system.




Intake: 257

Live Outcome: 234

Deceased (natural causes) : 10

Euthanasia (aggression): 3

Maintained: 10

Lifesaving Percentage: 95%





Intake: 122

Live Outcome: 118

Maintained: 4

Lifesaving Percentage: 100%