About Us

Fat Heads Rescue was formed in March of 2014.

Fat Heads Rescue is a non-profit volunteer dog rescue organization serving the Southern Indiana area. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome pit bull type dogs with responsible, educated owners. It is our obligation and desire to rescue, rehabilitate, and adopt out pit bull type dogs in a manner which supports a positive image of pit bulls. We strive for both our dogs and their adoptive owners to serve as ambassadors for the pit bull type breed. To that end, it is our goal to provide all dogs in our foster care with balanced training, with the goal of as many of them as possible becoming prepared for certification as Canine Good Citizens in our care or with their new owners. We strive to educate all adopters about proper balanced training, and encourage them to continue engaging in such training post-adoption.

Specifically, our goals are to:
-Spread a positive image of pit bull-type dogs. We focus on depicting pit bull-type dogs in home environments, where they live peacefully and safely with their pack of humans, both young and old.
-Support community spay and neuter efforts. All dogs in our care will be spayed/neutered before being adopted out. We will also provide support and assistance to dog owners in the community wishing to have their pet spayed/neutered and provide information about the importance and benefits of this.
-Provide community education regarding the need for pet population control, with a specific focus on pit bull-type dogs. We will “de-bunk” the myths about shelter animals and provide over population/euthanasia facts.
-Advocate for and facilitate the implementation a mandatory spay/neuter policy in the apartment/rental housing business. We will contact rental housing managers to discuss with them the pros of only allowing altered animals. We expect this plan will help alleviate breed discriminatory policies.
-Develop a shelter education program. This plan will help shelter employees/directors in performing behavior evaluations, developing a euthanasia protocol, proper dog handling skills, developing a volunteer program, etc. With our sheltering experience, we hope to give shelters a humane alternative to “no-kill” status.
-Advocate for the homing of adoptable pit bull-type dogs that are in the shelter system.



Intake : 267

Live Outcome : 246

Deceased (natural causes) : 11

Euthanasia (aggression) : 6

Maintained : 4

Lifesaving Percentage: 92%

Vaccination Clinic : 46

2017 Income Statement


Intake: 257

Live Outcome: 234

Deceased (natural causes) : 10

Euthanasia (aggression): 3

Maintained: 10

Lifesaving Percentage: 95%


Intake: 122

Live Outcome: 118

Maintained: 4

Lifesaving Percentage: 100%